1. Martin McKean said,

    I’ve uploaded my showreel to Bulletfilm and think it looks great. However, the site seems to be a little fragile – sometimes it works and sometimes it’s offline for extended periods. This doesn’t look very pro in the eyes of production companies when you suggest they look at your work and they can’t access it. Are there particular times that the site is taken offline that I should tell people to avoid? Is there any way of putting up a page that says “bullletfilm will be back shortly” or something like that? It’s now 13.44 on Monday 16th Feb and so far it hasn’t worked today (that I’ve seen).

    I do think the site is great, by the way, but this is a pretty big niggle.


    • bulletfilm said,

      Dear Martin,

      I know your work form bulletfilm and it’s great.
      I’m so sorry about the problems. However we had serious problems with our server provided in the USA. Around that time in Feb. we were switching providers. But I think everything everything is working well.

      Glad you like the site 🙂

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