“Schnoodles and Soldiers” by Miriam Hughes

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“Schnoodles and Soldiers” by Miriam Hughes


This is a short documentary about one extraordinary young girl who despite being seriously ill found a lot of strength to help others.
Strongly recommended to watch for inspiration.

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Yearly subscription on bulletfilm premium free of charge.

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We have five yearly bulletfilm premium subscriptions to give away.

With the subscription you will be able to:
– Upload films up to 250 MB
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To find out more about how to get yearly free bulletfilm premium subscription, contact me directly on support@bulletfilm.com or check http://bulletfilm.com/user/premium


PS. To be able to get the bulletfilm premium subscription you need to be an active user of http://www.bulletfilm.com. Active user means a person who has created at least his/her full profile on http://www.bulletfilm.com.

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“Tuesday afternoon” by Roman Przylipiak

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“Tuesday afternoon” by Roman Przylipiak


This is one of my “most liked” films and one of the most popular shorts on bulletfilm.com

Simply done short but beautiful story about three young men a train…
Personally I think the director is very talented I hope he will make it.

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“9 mm” trailer by Magda M. Olchawska

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Please do find some time to watch a new trailer for my short film called “9 mm”

Katia is an artist who has isolated herself from the outside world. She is lonely and has been trying to convince herself that this kind of life was her choice.
Mathew was her first and probably only true love even though they were only kids when they met. He travels a lot to run away from his real and true desire.
One day mysteriously Katia finds a letter in an old bottle. It is from Mathew whom she hadn’t seen for 16 years. Can the old feelings be awaken again? Is it possible to leave everything behind and start everything yet over again? These are the questions the two of them will have to face sooner than they ever expected.

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Bulletfilm.com – filmmaking tips

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http://www.bulletfilm.com has an excellent filmmaking section. Today I would recommend for you to check out http://bulletfilm.com/filmmaking/tips

All the articles about scriptwriting, film distribution, financing a film, working with the cast and crew etc. were written based on our experience in all of the production stages.

Don’t forget to check out bulletfilm filmmaking tips premium http://bulletfilm.com/filmmaking/premium
for more advanced publication on filmmaking.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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www.bulletfilm.com HAS JUST GONE PREMIUM

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http://www.bulletfilm.com is a networking and promotional website for filmmakers from around the globe. For the past two years bulletfilm has been changing and now some of the bulletfilm innovative promotional features are in PREMIUM package.

Film summaries – where you can combine your videos, pictures, blog entries and all additional information in order to create a unique and comprehensive film summary page which you can use to tell the world about your work.
Business cards – main purpose is to help you as a filmmaker to create a comprehensive information page in a form of a business card, which you can forward to potential employers or collaborators etc.
Products – if you have anything for sale related to film, this is where you can put your advert. It may be a piece of equipment or DVD with your film(s). Describe it as precisely as possible, add some pictures, price it and there you go.
News – as a Premium user you can add film news on your own. It can be anything, starting from some news about independent cinematography around you, through pictures from your own set to press releases from film festivals you’re at. (NOTE: offensive or pornographic news will be deleted together with the account that it came from)
Discussion Groups – here you can create your own discussion group where you’ll be able to share your passion about your favourite topics.
Websites – this section is for promoting film businesses; here you can add your website and a detailed description of the business, then place it amongst our useful websites so people can easily find it.
Premium documents – in this section you will be able to find a lot of, not only useful but, necessary documents for when you make a movie. The documents such as: contracts, budgets, co-production treaties etc.
Premium articles – where you can read all about cinematography; how it looks on different continents, in different countries and the stories of the best people in that business.
There is also possibility of uploading films up to 250 MB.

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